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Mustafa ÇETİN Head of Department
  • 7250

System management

System management

Hamit ─░NAN System Management and Security
  • 7263
  • System Management and Security

Sinan ┼×AH─░N System Management and Software
  • 7263

Network Management

The unit which the management of both wired and wireless network connections of our University campuses is performed. In our university, about 3000 meters of copper, multimode at 6000 meters, 28000 meters, including over 22,000 meters in the singlemode fiber cable infrastructure, a managed network switch on 230.

Volkan G├ťVEN Computer Engineer
  • 7264
  • Network Management And Security

Erhan ERDO─×AN Specialist
  • 7262
  • Network Topology Analysis, Network Problems Solution

Software and Web

Design and development of our University main web page, ensuring the web content management system supplied to units that perform support services in Web and Software Unit, as well as coding simple scripts that are needed within the institution, preparation of web applications and enabling the execution of works to be integrated with each other.

├ľmer Faruk DEM─░RER Web Developer
  • 7225
  • Web Application Software Developing, Content Management

Sinan ┼×AH─░N Web Developer
  • 7253

Technical Support

Onsite support for hardware PC, printer, scanner and so on., also provides technical support services to all other units. It also offers help desk services to users for the corporate antivirus software and for the use of wireless internet.

Burak ┼×ENEL Technical Support
  • 7255
  • Technical Support Operations

Eren ├ľZEK Officer
  • 7271 / 1751
  • IP Telephone System, Rectorate Door Access System

─░lmihan ─░NAT Specialist
  • 7255
  • Technical Support Operations

Software Support

Our training unit established within the IT Department, in the field of Information Technology constantly evolving, organizes training courses to improve the competitiveness of corporate personnel according to market conditions. For the existing staff and the new staff of IT Department, the training organized in order to gain technical knowledge and skills according to the job description fields, is in the nature of international certification, and is 25% theoretical and 75% implemented in a practical format.

Hakan ├ľZDEM─░R Web Support
  • 7253
  • Content Managements / Application training

Yusuf Ziya DO─×RUO─×LU Computer Engineer
  • 7260
  • EDMS Technical Support Operations

Internet Center

OM├ť district of Sunday with 50 PCs, 50 thin client and approximately 100 stations capacity, Internet Center serves every weekday until 22:30; as for in the absence lesson, every weekday until 21:00, and in the weekend until 16:00.

Filiz ┼×im┼ček USLU Technical Support
  • 2595
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