Computer Lab New

Each unit having 50 pieces client, there are 300 pieces client in total connected to 6 pieces servers which are managed; except for one of them (Samsun Vocational School of Fine Arts on Campus) hosted in our University IT Department System Room.


NMU / IT has adopted the principle of providing support and services for NMU staff and students seamless and best. The services offered by the IT Department under this policy through this page are supported by telephone, on-site support and workshop unit.

Technical Specification

NMU/IT undertakes to submit technical specification in all of the information technology product purchases in our university. The units affiliated to our University go to purchase and satisfy the need according to this specification.

Licensed Software New

The software, of which licenses purchased by the university, is provided to all staff and students

EDMS - Electronic Document Management System

EDMS installation made to our university was put into operation in the real environment in all of our units. For our users to be able to login to the system, they must have the OMU e-mail address (with the extension of

You can login to EDMS via this link


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