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  • Faculty Of Science And Literature
  • Faculty Of Agriculture
  • Economics and Administrative Sciences
  • Faculty Of Education
  • Samsun Vocational School

Each unit having 50 pieces client, there are 300 pieces client in total connected to 6 pieces servers which are managed; except for one of them (Samsun Vocational School of Fine Arts on Campus) hosted in our University IT Department System Room.

Summarize the structure of this computer lab

  • Consists of 6 servers, the client/server architecture system running on stupid 300 pieces (dummy) terminal.
  • The system operates on a private VLAN.
  • Linux is used to operate dummy terminals (boot), on the other hand Windows is used for the user interface; and they are working on a virtulization system architecture that both running on a single server.
  • According to the specially designed la3des architecture, working together, 64-bit Solaris 10 system (Sunray Software 5.2) leads clients.
  • Half of the opened clients to Windows1, with kiosks connection, while the other half on the same machine establishes a connection with Windows Remote Desktop 2.
  • On the Remote Desktop, each client has limited user without a password like pseudo.<mac#ID&GT; and users who click on these usernames reach the desktop.
  • 8 GB of RAM and 8 VCP assigned to each guest server.
  • According to the statistical information that installation to windows is very much , there are 2 copies of Windows to take more advantage of real CPU power (While there are actually 12 cores in the server, each guest OS can run on 8vCPU because of licensing restrictions.). Thus, for each copy of Windows, +20% of CPU Power were reflected to the end user.
  • All this structure took its final shape with the name la3des we gave most suitable to need.
  • When the system reaches standstill, congestion like etc. points, the transmission of information would be put through to the system administrator due to our university is supported by the monitoring infrastructure.

In this system, students, academic and administrative staff can benefit from all the laboratories in the same way. Windows 7 operating system is installed on computers in the lab. Users can both work with the programs (Office, MATLAB, SPSS, Accounting like this one) installed as standard on Windows operating systems, and access the Internet via Chrome or Internet Explorer. In addition, they can run command line applications by connecting to their accounts on Linux OS with SSH (Secure Shell) program. Users should save their personal data in the environment such as cloud, e-mail, flash memory.

Contact address for technical information Murat ÖZDEMİR.

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