The academic and administrative staff, enrolled to the Directorate of Personnel Affairs; and all the students (including MSC and PhD) enrolled to Directorate of Student Affairs (Registrar's Office) are provided e-mail service as standart with the extension of @omu.edu.tr and @stu.edu.edu.tr respectively, including the detailed information given in the following table.

Email Quota Daily Mail Sending Limit Daily Mail Receiving Limit Alias: name.surname@omu.edu.tr
Staff 1 GB 800 Pieces Unlimited Given
Student 30 GB Unlimited Unlimited Not given

The following components are available in OMU email services.

  • Email reading service: IMAP
  • Reading/Sending email over web
  • Email groups: Listing

How to apply?

Personnel Affairs Automation offers the ability to create new application for all the registered academic and administrative staff E-mail account and to to create new passwords for new applications and these operations are only accessible on campus.

Click here for application

Staff Webmail https://eposta.omu.edu.tr

When students register to Student Affairs' (Registrar's Office) automation (ubs.omu.edu.tr), their e-mail account are automatically opened like that : <student no>@stu.omu.edu.tr

Their e-mail password is the same password that they use it for Student Affairs Automation

Student Webmail http://mail.stu.omu.edu.tr

Is there any spam and anti-virus protection?

Incoming messages are scanned in the sense that whether they are unsolicited messages (spam) or malicious content (Virus) or not. If any viruses reveal and marked as SPAM after scannig, then they are not distributed; only e-mails marked as just SPAM are delivered to users' "Junk E-mail" mail directory adding {SPAM?} notification. Approximately 15% of e-mails coming to servers are marked as SPAM and virus infected and is not distributed; and the other part of 15% are marked as just SPAM and is distributed.

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