EDMS - Electronic Document Management System

EDMS installation made to our university was put into operation in the real environment in all of our units. For our users to be able to login to the system, they must have the OMU e-mail address (with the extension of @omu.edu.tr).

You can login to EDMS via this link https://ebys.omu.edu.tr

User name: the part before "@" at NMU e-mail address.
Password: NMU e-mail password.

Example : NMU e-mail, huseyin.erisgin@omu.edu.tr user login to system

If you experience problems about introduction of e-signatures, web browser installing and setting up, and introduction of document scanner to system, you can ask for help from technical staff in your department. if you cannot resolve your problem, you may contact the IT department. To see your unit's responsible trainerclick.

In case of a problem on the system, responsible educational trainers in the units should be contacted. In case of failure to resolve the problem the problem will be forwarded to the General Secretariat system administrator. Trainers will be given all the necessary support by the System administrators. You can pass your problem about the system by clicking on the question mark icon on the system hompage.

Useful Links:

For users who have E-signature:


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