In addition to site hosting service, with our project named fiyos, instead of creating a website from scratch, quickly and safely publication of a site is also possible just by entering the contents

Corporate Objectives

Nowadays, one of the main objectives of small, medium and large-scale corporations is to announce their corporate information through the web pages. Published information from web pages may contain information towards within and outside the institution. Similarly, organizations need to be able to update this information at any time they should. Within the scope of corporate objectives; product promotion, corporate promotion, the communication information should be made available through the web pages.

Corporate Needs
  • To be able to update information on the web page frequently and quickly
  • To be able to make the announcement on the web
  • To be able to share corporate documents from web pages
  • Always and anywhere access and update information authority
  • On page authorization procedures in line with the duties of corporate employees
  • A web page that reflects corporate principles
  • In line with the needs of the institution, presenting the website in more than one language at the same time
Our Solution

FİYÖS is a web-based content management system (İYS Faculty). Providing updating the contents of the page, allowing it to be performed by authorized users from any location with access to the internet.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Dynamically in web pages; offering content management, two-level menu creating, announcement publishing and a variety of options for creating frequently asked questions.
  • Search facilities in the site and in the documents attached to the site
  • Creating corporate web page based on a template
  • Creating separate websites for each unit within the organization
  • Preparing web site in multiple languages

Requests related to services should be made via EBYS to IT Department by “Responsible For Web Notification Form ”.

Sample Web Page

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