Part-Time Student Payroll

Part-Time Student Payroll Software

To be paid of the salaries of students working part-time as a student in different units of our university in a manner that is accurate and rapid, the software was written by the software team of NMU / IT Department.

The things that can be done with the software

  • The institution's information input
  • information input based on units
  • Variable and fixed definitions
  • Salary coefficients input
  • To prepare the payroll for multiple units
  • To prepare the payroll
  • One-touch access to recorded students
  • Calculated payroll can be stored by months and years, access can be done to past months when needed
  • To be able to observe the calculated payroll from the screen
  • To be able to get functional dumps (payroll, banking)

Payroll Automation for Part-Time Students

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