With a VPN, institution's own users are provided with access resources in a secure manner over public networks such as the Internet provided. NMU/VPN was taken into service on the existing firewall.

Those who wish to benefit from this service must fill in "Remote Access Request Form" over EBYS and have it open the access services.

VPN service activated users then can be connected to NMU/VPN with the help of "Sonicwall VPN Client" software that can be downloaded from http://help.mysonicwall.com/Applications/vpnclient/

In this way, a PC outside NMU/NET, can have all these services inside of the University via NMU/VPN. For example, software that can be run through the license servers in omu can be run remotely. Users can remotely access and modify all the files they open to share their computer with Windows sharing service. All these links are performed in a secured manner 3DES (168bit) encryption. One can not connect to NMU/VPN service inside NMU/NET, but can have access outside NMU/NET (for example an ADSL connection)

With the NMU/VPN service, users may benefit from all the resources within NMU/NET.

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