Libre Office

What is LibreOffice?

LibreOffice is a powerful office suite; its clean interface and powerful tools let you unleash your creativity and grow your productivity. LibreOffice embeds several applications that make it the most powerful Free & Open Source Office suite on the market: Writer, the word processor, Calc, the spreadsheet application, Impress, the presentation engine, Draw, our drawing and flowcharting application, Base, our database and database frontend, and Math for editing mathematics.

Your documents will look professional and clean, regardless of their purpose: a letter, a master thesis, a brochure, financial reports, marketing presentations, technical drawings and diagrams.

LibreOffice is compatible with many document formats such as Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. But LibreOffice goes further by enabling you to use a modern open standard, the OpenDocument Format (ODF).

Beyond the many features shipped by default, LibreOffice is easily extensible through its powerful extensions mechanisms. Get even more features and document templates on our dedicated platforms.

LibreOffice is Free and Open Source Software. Its development is open to new talent and new ideas. Our software is tested and used daily by a large and devoted user community; you, too, can get involved and influence its future development.

New Features

LibreOffice now ships with 2 new and awesome fonts, Carlito and Caledea, improving the looks and allure of your documents as well as their compatibility.

Because more and more of our everyday's workflow is taking place on line, the importance of document archiving and authentification has never been so critical. This is why LibreOffice has just what you need to help you process your digital documents, by enabling the digital signature for PDF documents. No more processes ending with a printer: Save time and money by editing, signing and sharing important documents online directly from LibreOffice, thanks to our built-in connector to SharePoint, OneDrive and any CMIS-based content management system.

At last, great looking menus, toolbars, a redesigned sidebar, a new colour manager, and countless other user interface & version tracking improvements. LibreOffice is the new black.

LibreOffice improves your control of master pages as well as the outlines and the numbering on slides. You can now enjoy even more templates and dowload more from our Templates website.

Thanks to the Document Liberation project, LibreOffice hasn't just improved its filters for Microsoft Office and Visio documents; it now ships filters for Adobe PageMaker and several legacy Apple software as well.

Writer has all the features you need from a modern, full-featured word processing and desktop publishing tool. It's simple enough for a quick memo, but powerful enough to create complete books with contents, diagrams, indexes, and more. You're free to concentrate on your message, while Writer will make it look great.
Your documents will never look as good as when they're made with LibreOffice. You can choose and apply fonts that are on your computer, set and customize styles for pretty much every part of your document. With the AutoCorrect dictionary you can trap typos and spelling mistakes on the fly. The AutoCorrect dictionary checks your spelling as you type (it's easy to deactivate if you want to). If you need to use different languages in your document, Writer can handle that, too.
Wizards takes all the hassle out of producing standard documents such as letters, faxes, agendas and minutes, and makes short work of more complex tasks such as mail merges. Type more efficiently with AutoComplete, which can suggest commonly-used words and phrases to complete what you started typing, using the built-in dictionary and by scanning the documents you open. Document templates are shipped by default : no need to create complex documents, we have them shipped for you!

Calc is the spreadsheet program you've always needed. Newcomers find it intuitive and easy to learn. Professional data miners and number crunchers will appreciate the comprehensive range of advanced functions. Wizards can guide you through choosing and using a comprehensive range of advanced spreadsheet functions. Or you can download templates from the LibreOffice template repository, for ready-made spreadsheet solutions.

Impress is a truly outstanding tool for creating effective multimedia presentations. Presentation edition and creation is flexible, thanks to different editing and view modes: Normal (for general editing), Outline (for organizing and outlining your text content), Notes (for viewing and editing the notes attached to a slide), Handout (for producing paper-based material), and Slide Sorter (for a thumbnail sheet view that lets you quickly locate and order your slides).

Draw lets you produce anything from a quick sketch to a complex plan, and gives you the means to communicate with graphics and diagrams. With a maximum page size of 300cm by 300cm, Draw is a an excellent package for producing technical drawings, general posters, etc. . Draw lets you manipulate graphical objects, group them, crop them, use objects in 3D and much more.

Base is a full-featured desktop database front end, designed to meet the needs of a broad array of users. But Base also caters to power users and enterprise requirements, and provides native-support drivers for some of the most-widely employed multi-user database engines: MySQL/MariaDB, Adabas D, MS Access and PostgreSQL. In addition, the built-in support for JDBC- and ODBC-standard drivers allows you to connect to virtually any other existing database engine as well.

Math is the LibreOffice suite's formula editor, that can be invoked in your text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawings, to enable you to insert perfectly-formatted mathematical and scientific formulas. Your formulas can include a wide range of elements, from fractions, terms with exponents and indices, integrals, and mathematical functions, to inequalities, systems of equations, and matrices.
You can start Math either as a stand-alone application directly from the LibreOffice Start Center or directly from within other LibreOffice applications such as Writer, Calc, Impress and Draw.

The Advantages of LibreOffice
  • Here are some of the advantages of LibreOffice over other office suites:

No licensing fees. LibreOffice is free for anyone to use and distribute at no cost. Many features that are available as extra cost add-ins in other office suites (like PDF export) are free with LibreOffice. There are no hidden charges now or in the future.
Open source. You can distribute, copy, and modify the software as much as you wish, in accordance with either of the LibreOffice Open Source licenses.
Cross-platform. LibreOffice runs on several hardware architectures and under multiple operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
Extensive language support. The LibreOffice user interface is available in over 40 languages and the LibreOffice project provides spelling, hyphenation, and thesaurus dictionaries in over 70 languages and dialects. LibreOffice also provides support for both Complex Text Layout (CTL) and Right to Left (RTL) layout languages (such as Urdu, Hebrew, and Arabic).
Consistent user interface. All the components have a similar “look and feel,” making them easy to use and master.
Integration. The components of LibreOffice are well integrated with one another.
All the components share a common spelling checker and other tools, which are used consistently across the suite. For example, the drawing tools available in Writer are also found in Calc, with similar but enhanced versions in Impress and Draw.
You do not need to know which application was used to create a particular file. For example, you can open a Draw file from Writer.
Granularity. Usually, if you change an option, it affects all components. However, LibreOffice options can be set at a component level or even at document level.
File compatibility. In addition to its native OpenDocument formats, LibreOffice includes PDF and Flash export capabilities, as well as support for opening and saving files in many common formats including Microsoft Office, HTML, XML, WordPerfect, and Lotus 1-2-3 formats. An extension (included) provides the ability to import and edit some PDF files.
No vendor lock-in. LibreOffice uses OpenDocument, an XML (eXtensible Markup Language) file format developed as an industry standard by OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards). These files can easily be unzipped and read by any text editor, and their framework is open and published.
You have a voice. Enhancements, software fixes, and release dates are community-driven. You can join the community and affect the course of the product you use.

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