Single Sign On (SSO) Systems, an effective application to solve the problems in terms of both safety and practicality of the common password using. The SSO system basically includes three types of items. These are authentication server, servers and clients of site that users are connected to .

SSO's basic logic is that, users who want to be empowered, enter their passwords to a page belonging to the authentication server; then being created a key peculiar to that session by the system which make the authentication, and being directed back to the page with this key that will be used by clients. After that, the actual web page that will be used, with information sessions will check him out of the session key from the authentication system and empowering the right will give the authority to the client if true. With this structure, both the actual password will pass through authentication server and when used with the system session cookies, once the user empowered with a password, he /she could be connected to any of the service of the same SSO system without entering passwords again.

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